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Kurzweil PC3 Firmware 2.02

Kurzweil PC3 Firmware 2.02

Kurzweil PC3 Firmware Publisher's Description

Fixes: SETUP MODE: Fixes/Improvements: - Fixed: the saving of multiple programs from within the Setup Editor could end up leaving things in an unpredictable state. PROGRAM MODE: Fixes/Improvements: - KB3: All KB3 programs AMP/Course outputs adjusted to allow all drawbars to be fully extended without internal overload. Output Volume adjusted to compensate. Volume of all KB3 programs reduced between 3-5 dB. - KB3 Edit Mode: previously, pressing Enter when a MOD source was set to AMPENV caused crash. - Enhancement to KB3 mode chorus/vibrato when used with the Double Leslie chain (#852). The KB3 program will now only apply chorus/vibrato to the first of the two KB3a blocks. Previously it was applied to both. - Fix for KB3 LFO display bug. - Removed an unneeded KB3 restart when adjusting master tune. - Fixed: #65 Big LA Strings and #193 Studio A Strings: SW29-enabled octave layer pinning issue fixed. 12ST transposition is now done using Transpose instead of Pitch. It was decided it would be best to fix this at the Program level, not the Keymap level. - When importing a v1.3X or a K2X program, the arpeggiator defaults are now set properly. This does not affect the PC3 directly but it does if that program is loaded into the PC3LE or SP4. - Program Edit: CTLS page: MIDI29 field: Now allows scrolling to None. Before "-1" + ENTER had to be typed. - Chain Edit Mode: Info text edit: LEFT and RIGHT buttons work now. SONG MODE: Fixes/Improvements: - Corrected sequencer synchronization problems when recording with external MIDI beat clock which manifested as cumulative timing errors during playback. - Fix for transport controls when recording as a slave: previously the sequencer would drop out of record mode once "play" was pressed on the master device. QA MODE: Fixes/Improvements: - QA bank retrieves stored GM programs properly. Previously GM selections were not being properly saved. STORAGE MODE: Fixes/Improvements: - Object Export: keymap lists proper title. GENERAL: Fixes/Improvements: - Improved communications with SoundTower's DeskTop Editor. - Keyboard Naming: Backspace working now. - Better sysx support for Chains. Please do not forget to check with our site as often as possible in order to stay updated on the latest drivers, software and games. Note: Try to set a system restore point before installing a device driver. It will help you restore system if installed driver not complete.

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